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M-KOPLAS 2019! Materials and composite, add value to the future.

M-KOPLAS 2019 (M:materials)
Korea Plastics and Rubber Materials & Composite Show


Plastics, lighter and more efficient
There has been good progress in plastics; technological development and change of values. Eco-friendly and
highly-functional plastics, widely applicable to the industries such as automobile, aerospace, IT and medical, are
rising again as one of the future industrial materials.


Newer and broader KOPLAS 2019 with newly-started M-KOPLAS (M: materials)
On the occasion of 25th anniversary, KOPLAS 2019 becomes a fresher and more specific with ‘Plastic and
Rubber Materials & Composite Show (M-KOPLAS)’. KOPLAS and M-KOPLAS provide new opportunities for
exhibitors and visitors to see the current and future trends in the plastic and rubber industry.


Meet with potential buyers in the plastic and rubber industry.

Global experts in various sectors such as auto parts, smart phone, medical equipment, architecture, aviation,
space, and groceries visit the exhibition every year. This time, M-KOPLAS 2019 provides opportunities to have
meetings with these potential buyers.


Gain synergy from the cross-marketing with exhibitions of Mold, Cooling and Heating.

M-KOPLAS 2019, KOPLAS, Intermold Korea, and Harfko take place in the same place at the same time.
These exhibitions interact with each other, aiming to create a new market and increase trading volume by
means of cross-marketing.


Grasp current trends in plastic industry through our conferences on advanced plastic technologies.

M-KOPLAS takes place with conferences on eco-friendly materials, carbon composite, professional molding
technology, and other cutting-edge materials. You could see vision of the plastic industry through our
conferences on cutting-edge materials and technologies with global experts in these sectors.









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