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M-KOPLAS 2019 Regulations
1. Purpose
The purpose of these regulations are to provide general terms and conditions for the Exhibitor of M-KOPLAS 2019 Exhibition "25th KOREA INTERNATIONAL PLASTICS & RUBBER SHOW", held at KINTEX, Goyang, Korea as to contribute to the efficient operation and management of the Exhibition Hall and Equipment.

2. Definitions
The definitions of terms used in these regulations are as follows:
(1) "Organizer" shall mean the organizing committees of M-KOPLAS 2019
(2) "Exhibitor" shall mean the organization and the company participating in the M-KOPLAS 2019 Exhibition, which has made a full payment of the participation fee. .

3. Scope of Use
The Exhibitor, using facilities and services in the Exhibition Hall, shall follow the Regulations carefully set by the Organizer.

4. Condition of Use
(1) The Exhibitor shall receive authorization from the Organizer by making a full payment of the booths fee.
(2) The Exhibitor shall be responsible for the operation and management of the booths.
(3) The Exhibitor shall comply with the regulations for management of exhibition hall and equipment.

5. Allotment of Space
(1) The Secretariat will decide on the location of stands and inform the exhibitors.
(2) An exhibit is not allowed to transfer the allotted space wholly or partially free of charge nor to lease it to a third party or not to exchange it with another exhibitor.

6. Responsibility for Management of Exhibition Halls and Goods
(1) The Exhibitor shall be responsible for maintenance and management of goods exhibited.
(2) The Exhibitor shall be responsible for insuring goods exhibited against theft, breakage, fire or other accident.

7. Cancellation, Rescission and Invalidation of Contract
(1) After a contract is signed, written notification of cancellation of space must be received by the organizer on or before the dates specified.
(2) If space is canceled prior to 3 months of commence date of said show, 50% of the rental fee for the canceled space will be due to the organizer and if space is canceled prior to 2 months of commence date of said show, 80% of the rental fee for the canceled space will be due to the organizer. If space is canceled prior to 1 month of commence date of said show, the exhibitor shall remain liable to the organizer for the total rental fee for the space canceled.
(3) Refunds of space will not be given until after the exhibition has occurred. The full payment of booth space charge is not received by 1 month prior to the commence date of said show, for which no special arrangements have been made with the organizer, may be resold or reassigned by the organizer.
(4) Exhibitors may not assign, sublet or apportion to others the whole or any part of the space allocated, and may not display goods or services other than those manufactured or regularly distributed by them.

8. Restriction on installing
(1) No equipment or exhibition goods may be left on the aisles that might obstruct an emergency evacuation.
(2) No exhibition booths or incidental facilities may be installed at an emergency exit or in front of a machinery-housing room, a warehouse, a fire hydrant, loading dock or a restroom.
(3) Exhibition booths shall stand 30cm from the wall of the existing facilities and from the partition and shall not be fixed to the existing facilities.
(4) no drilling or nailing shall be used on the floor in any case.
(5) Exhibitor shall be responsible for following all matters concerning handling of dangerous goods; Fire Prevention Law and Decree, the High Pressure Gas Safety Control Law and other laws relating to handling of dangerours goods.

9. Other Regulations
The exhibitor understands and agrees the "Rules & Regulation for Exhibit Space Application" and Conditions mentioned in "Exhibition Manual" are an integral and binding part of this contract.

10. Disputes and Arbitration
Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this contract shall be finally settled by arbitration in Seoul in accordance with the Arbitration Rules of The Korean Commercial Arbitration Board..